Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / Hi-Fi Voice.com

“Well, let’s start by saying that Robert Barlett is to be congratulated on an unusually bold move – he is quite possibly the first to choose the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in the speaker world for a (more or less) production model, used a boldly simple, completely transparent frequency switch with high-end components, and decided to offer it all to the world for an amount that defies traditional costing formulas, which say it should be three to five times the price. Add to this a beautifully crafted body with a touch of luxury in the best XAVIAN tradition and you have a product that is an unquestionable sonic reference in the basic sense of the word, top of the class (for the logical reasons described above) and a beautiful, fun and yet surprisingly forgiving sonic guide to the world of music. Ellipcitor transducers are fascinating in their ability to convey even the most subtle nuances (which is why you’ll enjoy all your recordings to the fullest), the most minute differences (so that any part of the chain, from electronics to details like feet and pads, transforms the audible result), and dynamic contrasts – the sound is first-rate and thus immediate, explosive, and palpably concrete. And through it all, these fantastic speakers are easy to listen to, actually forgiving and not tiring. Just such then are the XAVIAN Virtuosa Anniversario, an amazing gift the brand gave itself (admittedly, slightly belatedly) for its quarter-century anniversary. The XAVIAN Virtuosa Anniversario is just that, an amazing gift that the brand gave itself (admittedly, with a slight delay) for its quarter-century anniversary. Make yourself happy – at the very least, go hear what the latest reproduction technology can do. Or better yet – take the opportunity to have it at home, because no one and nowhere is likely to offer it this well and at this reasonable price. Bravo!”

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