Xavian Terza Evoluzione / Stereo & Video


“Terza Evoluzione loudspeakers are characterised by a natural, rarely balanced sound. The bass in the acoustic volume is excellently refined and coherent – taking advantage of the enclosed cabinets, which exhibit a low steepness of sensitivity drop below the cutoff frequency: the deepest tones are indeed very nicely indicated in the sound image. The mid-range is rendered to the smallest detail without the speakers’ analytical abilities stifling their musical expression. The highs are seemingly unobtrusive, but their uniqueness registers in the dynamic peaks, where they remain clear even at higher volumes. The space representation of the recordings is three-dimensional, with precise localization of the musical scene. The sound quality is mainly determined by the recordings themselves; we simply enjoy the top ones, while with the technically weaker ones we register the limits imposed by the studio equipment and the recording possibilities at the time of their creation.”

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