Xavian Madre Perla Esclusiva / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“XAVIAN’s new compact columns, while considerably more expensive than the older model of a similar name, retain all that beautifully crafted wood and basic style, but sort of wake it up a bit – as if this new model has taken a touch of the lively spark from the Aria line. And actually, maybe it has, since they share a tweeter. The second added midrange then provides a tighter reproduction, not somehow deeper, perhaps, but more physical, and overall the Madre Perla Esclusiva gives a tidy, organised and very sophisticated impression, combining the typical corporate warm musicality with the precision, speed and freshness of the latest higher-end series. And that’s a good thing – the result is a pleasingly balanced, easy on the ear, clean and sincere, yet above all entertaining presentation. Madre Perla Esclusiva offers a lot of music from a small volume…”

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