XAVIAN Virtuosa Anniversario / Hi-Fi+

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“This underscores the main point of this review – I had expected the Xavian Virtuosa Anniversarios to be refined, to be at least ‘good’ in all the box-tick audiophile aspects, to play with authority, to not draw attention to itself, to be a thoroughly enjoyable listen – what I didn’t expect was for the Xavians to be genuinely exciting. They are. They make me want to listen to my music – all of it – all over again. That´s what its creator set out to do – to achieve it, and to do so without resorting to artificial elements that would fatigue and the wish for a change of speakers some time down the road is commendable at any price. That bigger names in the business, following their usual calculation models, would probably charge several times the price that the Xavians retail for, is merely the icing on the cake. Weren´t it for the tiny number of them being available for a world market, there´d be serious potential for disruption here…”

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Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / Stereo & Video (CZ)



“I’m going to be exceptionally personal at the beginning of this review. In this price range, in all my years of testing, I can’t think of any other high-end loudspeakers whose sound has appealed to me so much. The Jubilee Virtuosos have the gift of conveying direct contact with the music. The only condition is the selection of a quality recording where previously unheard details stand out, but where a technically weak one does not improve a single note. The continuous complex sound is transparent, extremely balanced. Tonal neutrality reveals the coloration of each instrument or vocal timbre. The broad musical scene surprises with its depth, the localization of individual instruments is unmistakable. Dynamics are a special chapter; the systems play with ease even when the amplifier is supplied with jagged recordings. The bass always retains body, an energy that lends drive to the music. There is no point in cadging the individual bands, the overall expression is organic. It is not out of place to mention that the systems sound nice and quiet, which is certainly not a given.”

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Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / HIGH&Style (SK)


“Absolute control, clarity of the whole and the finest detail, lightning-fast response, speed combined with lightness, total fullness of the transmitted bandwidth. All of the aforementioned attributes were carried through the listening test as a breath of pleasant fresh southern air. That is to say, there is a large group of high-end sounding loudspeakers that will give you the vast majority of them, but few absolutely all of them, and certainly not at this price point at this price point, rather at the high end. Bet of Xavian to use without a doubt the highest quality transducers available today combined with uncompromising design switchgear and the overall concept of the loudspeakers has clearly paid off. Their anniversary model is the best demonstration of their abilities and at the same time proof that they know how to deliver a product that can satisfy even the most demanding listener. And we were no exception. The enchantment was so pronounced that on the spot, still in the listening room, my colleague and I came to the decision that the Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario would complete our reference editorial audio lineup. In a custom luxury finish in piano black lacquer. By the time this issue of High&Style is published, we should have them in full working order and dedicated to playing them. We can’t wait to work with them!!!”

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Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / Hi-Fi Voice.com

“Well, let’s start by saying that Robert Barlett is to be congratulated on an unusually bold move – he is quite possibly the first to choose the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in the speaker world for a (more or less) production model, used a boldly simple, completely transparent frequency switch with high-end components, and decided to offer it all to the world for an amount that defies traditional costing formulas, which say it should be three to five times the price. Add to this a beautifully crafted body with a touch of luxury in the best XAVIAN tradition and you have a product that is an unquestionable sonic reference in the basic sense of the word, top of the class (for the logical reasons described above) and a beautiful, fun and yet surprisingly forgiving sonic guide to the world of music. Ellipcitor transducers are fascinating in their ability to convey even the most subtle nuances (which is why you’ll enjoy all your recordings to the fullest), the most minute differences (so that any part of the chain, from electronics to details like feet and pads, transforms the audible result), and dynamic contrasts – the sound is first-rate and thus immediate, explosive, and palpably concrete. And through it all, these fantastic speakers are easy to listen to, actually forgiving and not tiring. Just such then are the XAVIAN Virtuosa Anniversario, an amazing gift the brand gave itself (admittedly, slightly belatedly) for its quarter-century anniversary. The XAVIAN Virtuosa Anniversario is just that, an amazing gift that the brand gave itself (admittedly, with a slight delay) for its quarter-century anniversary. Make yourself happy – at the very least, go hear what the latest reproduction technology can do. Or better yet – take the opportunity to have it at home, because no one and nowhere is likely to offer it this well and at this reasonable price. Bravo!”

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Xavian Aria / hxosplus (GR)


“Εξάλλου ένας τέτοιος ηχητικός χαρακτήρας, για πολλούς ακροατές θεωρείται μάλλον πλεονέκτημα παρά μειονέκτημα. Ας μην ξεχνάμε ότι η ευγένεια στις υψηλές συχνότητες δεν συνεπάγεται αυτόματα έλλειψη διαφάνειας ή πιστότητας και το Aria δεν υστερεί σε κανένα από τα δύο. Αγαπάει την ποιότητα και μάλιστα την απαιτεί ενώ δεν χάνει ευκαιρία να αναδείξει τις αρετές μιας καλής παραγωγής. Είναι ένα ηχείο πολύ επικοινωνιακό και εξωστρεφές με άριστη αποτύπωση της ατμόσφαιρας και του χώρου της ηχογράφησης ειδικά όταν αυτή είναι ζωντανή. Το Aria της Xavian συνδυάζει το Ιταλικό μπρίο με το αρχαίο Ελληνικό πνεύμα, είναι ένα ηχείο με μοναδική αληθοφάνεια που σε κερδίζει αμέσως με την αμεσότητα του και θέλεις να το ακούς με τις ώρες. Μια πραγματική ανακάλυψη, ένα εξαιρετικό ηχείο από μια μάλλον άγνωστη εταιρεία η οποία, κατά την άποψη μας, αξίζει πολύ μεγαλύτερης προσοχής και σίγουρα μιας Ελληνικής αντιπροσωπείας.

+ Ανυπέρβλητα μουσικό και ιδιαίτερα επικοινωνιακό
+ Πλούσια ηχοχρώματα και ξεκούραστος ήχος
+ Εύκολο στην τοποθέτηση
+ Εξαιρετική ποιότητα κατασκευής

– Θα θέλαμε λίγο πιο μυώδη σώματα
– Δεν προσφέρεται για αναλυτικές ακροάσεις
– Τα μαγνητικά καλύμματα δεν συμπεριλαμβάνονται στην τιμή αγοράς”

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Xavian Madre Perla Esclusiva / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“XAVIAN’s new compact columns, while considerably more expensive than the older model of a similar name, retain all that beautifully crafted wood and basic style, but sort of wake it up a bit – as if this new model has taken a touch of the lively spark from the Aria line. And actually, maybe it has, since they share a tweeter. The second added midrange then provides a tighter reproduction, not somehow deeper, perhaps, but more physical, and overall the Madre Perla Esclusiva gives a tidy, organised and very sophisticated impression, combining the typical corporate warm musicality with the precision, speed and freshness of the latest higher-end series. And that’s a good thing – the result is a pleasingly balanced, easy on the ear, clean and sincere, yet above all entertaining presentation. Madre Perla Esclusiva offers a lot of music from a small volume…”

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Xavian Aria / TNT Audio (IT)

“Le Aria sono per me quello che dovrebbe essere una cassa moderna: belle da vedere, semplici da installare e nascondere e che suonano perfette nelle tipiche stanze medie di un appartamento di oggi. L’unico difetto che posso trovare è il prezzo, dato che 3000€ non sono pochi ma, se consideriamo che potrebbero essere una soluzione definitiva o eventualmente un passaggio verso una torre da pavimento Xavian, allora il prezzo può avere una giustificazione. Provatele e vedrete che vi piaceranno.”

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Xavian Aria / HiFi Knights (PL)


“Xaviany Aria są swego rodzaju powiewem świeżości w ofercie tej czeskiej marki, ale bynajmniej nie z powodu zupełnie nowego DNA. Bo to ciągle są przede wszystkim muzykalne, naturalnie brzmiące kolumny dla ludzi szukających bliskiego kontaktu z muzyką i relaksu przy jej słuchaniu. Nie ma mowy o agresywności, nie są to paczki jakoś szczególnie analityczne, nic nie jest z nimi robione „na siłę”. Są za to otwarte, wypełniają swobodnie płynącą muzykę powietrzem i oferują robiącą duże wrażenie spójność. Może więcej niż w innych znanych mi modelach jest w ich graniu energii, werwy, radosnego zapału do grania każdej muzyki, który potrafi być zaraźliwy dla słuchacza. Potrafią znikać z pomieszczenia odsłuchowego całkowicie, zostawiając człowieka sam na sam z muzyką, zaskakująco udanie usuwając przeszkody między odbiorcą a muzykami, którzy gdzieś, kiedyś ową muzykę nagrali. Nie chodzi nawet o super-realistyczne kreowanie obecności muzyków w pomieszczeniu odsłuchowym, ani przeniesienie słuchaczy do studia, czy na koncert. To bardziej kwestia naturalności brzmienia, wysokiej energii i wspominanej raz za razem otwartości dźwięku tworzących wysoce angażujący, wywołujący emocje spektakl muzyczny.

Względnie wysoka skuteczność tych paczek i (najwyraźniej, bo pomiarów nie wykonywałem) dość równy przebieg impedancji sprawiają, że Xaviany Aria są w stanie wypełnić średniej wielkości pokój muzyką i wcale nie wymaga to operowania pokrętłem głośności w górnej połówce skali i to nawet w przypadku lampy o niskiej mocy. 10 watów z wzmacniacza na lampie 300B wystarczyło by zagrać tak głośno, jak tylko miałem ochotę (acz zaznaczę, że nie próbuję nigdy uzyskać w domu poziomu koncertowego), a wieczorem, przy cichym słuchaniu, dźwięk był równie pełny, nasycony i dynamiczny. Jeśli więc dysponujecie niezbyt dużym pokojem, dobrym wzmacniaczem (technologia i moc prawie nie mają znaczenia) i nade wszystko cenicie sobie muzykalność, naturalność, otwartość, energię i swobodę prezentacji, to Xaviany Aria mogą być właśnie tym, czego szukacie. Wypróbujcie koniecznie!”

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Xavian Concertino / High Fidelity (PL)

“SO THESE ARE NOT LOUDSPEAKERS for those looking for details in music, those searching for subtleties, and lovers of clear divisions on the soundstage. We won’t get that. And we won’t get strong, sonorous upper treble and energetic low bass. The extremes of the band are present in the Xavians’ music, but only as a background. Interestingly, the loudspeakers show all this equally well with a powerful transistor amplifier, as well as with a tube amplifier. With the latter, the precision will be slightly lower, while the saturation and density will be even higher.

The Concertino by Robert Barletta are “targeted” loudspeakers. They are focused on what is pleasant and good in music, what catches the heart. They are great at playing any kind of music, presenting what is best in them with equal commitment. They are not boring, because they build a large scale and a huge space, which makes us curious about what is about to happen. They are also really resolving, because despite striving for harmony, they do not eliminate the differences between the releases – the better the recording, the more time devoted to the release, the nicer it will sound.

So it doesn’t matter what amplifier we use, which room we listen in and what kind of music to – the tested loudspeakers will remain completely calm. Therefore, it is a very safe purchase for all those who are tired of constantly moving the loudspeakers around the room and worrying that some new album or its stream will sound bad. With Concertino we will get the best of them.”

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Xavian Aria / Stereo & Video (CZ)

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“The sleek Xavian Aria monitors sound natural, with an ease and exceptional tonal neutrality that suits virtually any musical genre. Bass is brisk, precisely articulated, but it doesn’t extend into the deepest octaves. The filigree-drawn midrange, however, offers an exceptionally rich spectrum that stands out especially with acoustic instruments and vocals. Distinct smooth highs follow smoothly, lacking the slightest undue accents. The musical scene is three-dimensional, with clear localisation. Appropriate dynamics also contribute to the musical expression. Like the two larger models, the Arie has the gift of creating a personal connection with the music.”

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Xavian Aria / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“XAVIAN says that the Armonia range represents a new sonic standard for the company, and it’s true that it sounds different to the ranges we were used to in the previous decade, although even in these models (including the Aria rackmount, of course) you can feel a touch of the kindly musicality for which the brand is popular. The Aria is a deceptively simple, almost a little British, loudspeaker with characteristically high quality workmanship and well-matched fittings, very low distortion and a clean, lively, fast sound that readily shows the character of electronics and recordings while holding itself back. If you’re looking for a disciplined, precise yet refined “almost-monitor”, the XAVIAN Aria has very attractive potential.”

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Xavian Concertino / Stereo&Video (CZ)


“The natural sound abounds with an unprecedented tonal neutrality that contributes to the verification of instruments across musical genres. Bass is brisk, precisely articulated, but in an “accurate” volume that is determined by the dimensions of the soundboard and cone drivers, so that depth is only hinted at. The filigree-drawn midrange follows smoothly, and the highs are clear, smooth and free of any undue accents. The superb display of the recording space does not belie the hilarious two-and-a-half-band construction, the musical scene is virtually three-dimensional. Praise is also due for the fast dynamic response, which caters for musical expression. The Concertino’s can create a personal connection with the music, playing with an ease that makes it obvious that most amplifiers will save their power reserve. In direct comparison with larger three-band Concerto amps, they obviously fall short in the bass and partly in the lower mids, but this registers mainly with deeper tuned instruments or when listening quietly. On the other hand, if we “consume” the music very loudly, we also have to resign ourselves to the physical dimension of the bass. Let’s not forget, however, that the Concertino and Concerto systems are separated by 50 000 Kc, the performance/price ratio is truly unique for the youngest addition to the Armonia series.”

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Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / hificlass (PL)

“Corallo Esclusivo to kolumny z duszą, prezentujące się po prostu wybornie. W parze z kunsztem wykonania idzie również jakość dźwięku, charakterystyczna dla dotychczasowych dokonań Roberto Barletty i jego ekipy. Brzmienie zmierza w kierunku nasyconego w barwy przekazu, mieniącego się pełną paletą barw i to nie tylko w średnicy czy w górnych rejestrach, ale również w basie. Nie jest on może wyśrubowany pod względem głębi czy masy, ale za to piekielnie wyrafinowany, przenikliwy i zdolny pokazać zaskakująco rozdzielcze granie w przypadku wszystkich instrumentów operujących w paśmie niskich tonów. I to jest właśnie przewaga kolumn wyposażonych w zamknięte obudowy.

Brak bas-refleksu sprawia, że są łatwe w ustawieniu, więc znalezienie dla nich optymalnego ustawienia w pokoju odsłuchowym, nie przysporzy problemów. Żeby jednak uzyskać pełnię możliwości tych kolumn w zakresie stereofonii, zdecydowanie zalecam ustawienie ich na podstawkach, najlepiej drewnianych.”

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Xavian Stella Esclusiva / High Fidelity (PL)

“Bo XAVIAN STELLA ESCLUSIVA są bardzo dobrymi konstrukcjami o poukładanym, spokojnym wewnętrznym spokojem, dźwięku. Wymagają dość mocnego wzmacniacza, to jest takiego, który ma dobrą wydajność prądową, i dobrego źródła. Nie oczekujmy po nich fajerwerków, bo to zazwyczaj fajerwerki próżności, a nie jakości. Tutaj mamy jakość, prawdę i wyjątkowe wykonanie. Naprawdę warto!”

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Xavian Stella Esclusiva / Audio Forum (TWN)


“Stella Esclusiva無論在外觀上還是聲 音上,都並非一昧跟隨主流作法,而是 有著自己的路。Stella Esclusiva高雅的原 木質感提供與實木家具無異的質感、擴 大機搭配不難、聲音表現也很不錯、擺 放位置也很彈性,而且售價並不高昂; 難怪Xavian有辦法收到市場歡迎,經營 超過25年的時間。已經厭倦總是鋼烤與 貼皮的喇叭了嗎?Xavian Stella Esclusiva 提供另外一種市面少見的選擇。”

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Xavian Concerto / Stereo&Video (CZ)


“Xavian Concerto loudspeakers offer a naturally balanced sound with exemplary tonal neutrality, free from the slightest colouration. They are able to captivate the listener with their musicality. The bass is full and confident, but does not interfere with the crucial midrange, which is drawn out to the smallest detail, enhanced by the extraordinary transparency that also makes the clear highs stand out. In the more intimate recordings, the visualisation of the instruments is perfect (to illustrate – when striking a large cymbal with the whisks, we can hear their individual strings). Superlatives also apply to the more or less three-dimensional representation of the musical scene, which feels, with a slight exaggeration, almost like half of a Dolby Atmos sound vault. The localization of instruments, or rather instrument sections, is precise. We must also praise the fast dynamic response. The ensembles generally play with ease, regardless of whether we listen quietly or loudly. They don’t lose their perspective even over highly articulated recordings, and the clear contours of the sound picture are omnipresent.”

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Xavian Concerto / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“Xavian says that after 25 years, on the occasion of this nice anniversary in the form of the Concerto and indeed the entire new Armonia range, they have launched a model that is “a little different” by their standards and which is meant to herald the beginning of a new style. With the Concerto, the classic rather conservative style of the speakers without “modernity” remains on the outside, the typical high level of workmanship and the ineffective charm of overall dignity remain. Compared to conventional solutions from a similar level, however, you get a really real high sensitivity that lends the speakers a charm of speed, openness, ease of detail and an overall impressive airiness and easy legibility that makes the music feel so fresh and naturally unmechanical, really close to liveliness. The Concerto are also very nicely balanced, letting your electronics and your recordings stand out in their own style – but it’s not strictly analytical, so even the mediocre or worse can actually be enjoyed. And being able to do so even when listening quietly gives you the freedom to listen to whatever and whenever you like. The Xavian Concerto are speakers with a high-end touch for adult long term entertainment.”

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