Xavian Concerto / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“Xavian says that after 25 years, on the occasion of this nice anniversary in the form of the Concerto and indeed the entire new Armonia range, they have launched a model that is “a little different” by their standards and which is meant to herald the beginning of a new style. With the Concerto, the classic rather conservative style of the speakers without “modernity” remains on the outside, the typical high level of workmanship and the ineffective charm of overall dignity remain. Compared to conventional solutions from a similar level, however, you get a really real high sensitivity that lends the speakers a charm of speed, openness, ease of detail and an overall impressive airiness and easy legibility that makes the music feel so fresh and naturally unmechanical, really close to liveliness. The Concerto are also very nicely balanced, letting your electronics and your recordings stand out in their own style – but it’s not strictly analytical, so even the mediocre or worse can actually be enjoyed. And being able to do so even when listening quietly gives you the freedom to listen to whatever and whenever you like. The Xavian Concerto are speakers with a high-end touch for adult long term entertainment.”

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Xavian Perla Esclusiva / AudioArt (Taiwan)


Perla Esclusiva這對喇叭我不敢說 它在三頻表現如同大型喇叭一般全

面,在低頻最下端的部分較為收斂, 但這不代表播放多數音樂時會感到遺 憾,因為那近乎完美的音質表現以及 樂器形體之描繪,是非常明確且極具 美感的。而在這種層面的享受下,我 覺得Perla Esclusiva在它實惠的售價 之下,是很值得「音質派」的用家收 藏;另外,其特殊的出身背景以及相 當獨特的實木箱體作工,確實也能透 過它欣賞到音響器材在視覺藝術上的 另一種風味。如果您跟我一樣,對各 類書架喇叭總是抱有熱情與好奇心的 話,Xavian這個品牌您從現在起就必 須好好認識,而這對Perla Esclusiva 會是有興趣的朋友,最好入門的第一 步。

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Xavian Ambra Esclusiva / positive feedback


PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2021 according to writers of Positive Feedback

“They sonically disappear from the room, leaving you with a big and bold sound stage that you would expect to hear from a much large speaker. I was particularly surprised by their prodigious bass capabilities, given their relatively modest sized woofers. However, what really caught my attention was the way the Ambra Esclusiva got its woofer and tweeter to dance together in such near perfect harmony.

This is a pair of bookshelf speakers that are a treat for your eyes as much as it is for your ears. They are exquisitely crafted and solidly built to last a lifetime. With proper care, they can should last long enough to be left to your next generation to enjoy. You will be hard pressed to find another bookshelf speaker that delivers the midrange that is so musical, organic, rich and full as the Ambra Esclusiva.”

Xavian Terza Evoluzione / Hi-Fi Voice.com


COMPACT SPEAKERS OF THE YEAR 2021 according to the Czech magazine Hi-Fi Voice.com

“For the clean, precise and clear style in the vein of true uncompromising monitors deployed, yet still remaining Xavian with beautiful workmanship and a touch of truly loving enjoyment of music.”

Xavian Quarta Evoluzione / hi-fi+


LOUDSPEAKERS OF THE YEAR 2021 in category 10-20 000 GBP by british hi-fi+

“Xavian’s Quarta Evoluzione is a substantial (40kg) 90-litre stand-mount loudspeaker with no ports to grab and a luxurious finish that you don’t want to mark. The drivers in Xavian speakers carry their founder’s brand AudioBarletta; they consist of a 270mm bass driver and a 175mm midrange driver with a hand impregnated ‘non-pressed’ paper cone in a diecast chassis. At the top of the box is a 29mm soft dome tweeter controlled by a copper-clad aluminium voice coil. The crossover uses Mundorf resistors and Jantzen capacitors to give this new Evoluzione version of the Quarta a frequency response of 35Hz to 35kHz. The Quarta has bi-wire terminals on the back of its sealed enclosure and those disinclined to look at the drivers in the front baffle can use the magnetic grilles supplied, even if the quality of veneer and finish warrants as much exposure as it can get. The stand for the Quarta is made of MDF with a matte black finish and discreet branding. It stands 372mm high and has adjustable felt-covered feet for hard floors. In our test, Jason Kennedy thought that, “The midrange is particularly clear, and it allows you to hear right into each recording and pick out what’s going on, what each musician is contributing and, critically, how well they are gelling with other members of the ensemble or band.” Jason was also impressed by its bass response, saying, “the Xavians are happy to produce the stuff in delicious style.” Finally, he felt that “Xavian’s Quarta Evoluzione is something of a rebel speaker in the market today. Its squat, wide shape and infinite baffle loading are rarities in a world of tall slim reflex-loaded designs, yet Barletta and his team have proved that a well-executed design does not need to conform to the latest trends. The Quarta may look old fashioned to some eyes, but when it comes to ears, its sonic abilities are very much of the moment.”

Xavian Terza Evoluzione / Stereo & Video


“Terza Evoluzione loudspeakers are characterised by a natural, rarely balanced sound. The bass in the acoustic volume is excellently refined and coherent – taking advantage of the enclosed cabinets, which exhibit a low steepness of sensitivity drop below the cutoff frequency: the deepest tones are indeed very nicely indicated in the sound image. The mid-range is rendered to the smallest detail without the speakers’ analytical abilities stifling their musical expression. The highs are seemingly unobtrusive, but their uniqueness registers in the dynamic peaks, where they remain clear even at higher volumes. The space representation of the recordings is three-dimensional, with precise localization of the musical scene. The sound quality is mainly determined by the recordings themselves; we simply enjoy the top ones, while with the technically weaker ones we register the limits imposed by the studio equipment and the recording possibilities at the time of their creation.”

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Xavian Madre Perla / HiFi-IFAs (DE)

“Für die schlanken Standlautsprecher XAVIAN MADRE PERLA findet sich auch in kleinen Hörräumen jederzeit ein Platz. Dies liegt neben ihrer eleganten optischen Erscheinung auch an einem Bass, der nicht in den untersten Keller steigen will, dafür jedoch in seinem Wirkungsbereich äußerst strukturiert ist. Die XAVIAN sind Meister der feinen Zwischentöne und malen diese mit einem feinen, farbigen Pinsel. Aber auch wer gerne großorchestrale Werke hört, hat mit diesen Standlautsprechern große Freude.”

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Xavian Terza Evoluzione / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“Terza Evoluzione seems to be a rather interesting “turning point” in the current production of the proud (and proudly!) Czech brand Xavian – it still holds the world’s excellent standard of luxury workmanship, it is still not afraid to go its own, nowadays unusual way of large corpuses in the style of the golden era of hi-fi and still has deep inside it the warm essence of love for music, thanks to which the Xavian sound easily speaks to ears and souls. The Terza Evoluzione, however, changes the established standards, whether by using Scan-Speak drivers or by tuning “for precision”, for a more balanced and drier informativeness than has hitherto been the norm (even when compared to the Quarta Evoluzione, which took a step in the same direction as the former, albeit a somewhat smaller one). The Terza Evoluzione are beautiful, lively, easy-playing loudspeakers with a very balanced, clean and direct, though not fatiguingly clear sound. So if you want truly authentic, almost purist monitor hi-fi in a luxurious and beautiful package, quite possibly Xavian has the only such model in the world, and the Terza Evoluzione is definitely worth a listen (in a small to medium room)!”

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Xavian Perla Esclusiva / 新音响 (CN)



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Xavian Stella Esclusiva / 影音极品》(CN)


“用电子管功放搭配下的Stella斯特拉,声音在朴实中洋溢着浪漫感,让Stella斯特拉的音色增添暖色调,而且怎么听都舒服,尤其是低频段的质感比较具弹性。比如重播《Tango, Tango》这张Viveza弦乐四重奏的专辑,激烈的探戈舞曲,通过Stella斯特拉重播呈现出活泼跃动,弦乐带有舒服的张力,听起来更柔、更美了。以声音的调性来说,Stella斯特拉的音质舒服不刺激,呈现柔美浪漫的愉悦舒适感,是一款可以让您只想舒舒服服地听音乐,整天听下来都不累的美质扬声器。”

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Xavian Perla Esclusiva / HiFi Test (DE)



“Die Xavian LaPerla Esclusiva ist ein Box, bei der Optik wie Klang einen riesigen „Haben-Wollen-Refl ex“ auslösen. Das sind ganz besonderere Lautsprecher und genau deswegen der Bestseller im Xavian-Programm. Sie spielen mitreißend lebendig und organisch weit über ihre Größe hinaus. Jeder, der mit einem Mini-Monitor liebäugelt sollte sie sich anhören.”

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Xavian Quarta Evoluzione / HI-FI+ (UK)

HIFI+195 Xavian_REV_LR-page-001

„Xavian’s Quarta Evoluzione is something of a rebel speaker in the market today. Its squat, wide shape and infinite baffle loading are rarities in a world of tall slim reflex-loaded designs, yet Barletta and his team have proved that a wellexecuted design does not need to conform to the latest trends. The Quarta may look old fashioned to some eyes, but when it comes to ears, its sonic abilities are very much of the moment.“

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Xavian Quarta Evoluzione / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)



“Jak se zdá, odpověď na úvodní otázku tohoto textu zní „ano“ – aniž by Xavian u svých moc pěkných velkých monitorů Quarta změnil jejich ducha, dokázal je ve verzi Evoluzione díky přepracování frekvenční výhybky a lehké úpravě vnitřního tlumení, což jsou zdánlivě drobné, ale reálnými dopady obrovské kroky, posunout z kategorie vynikajících v rámci dané třídy do kategorie skutečné špičky ve třídě i o kousek nad ní. Transparentnost, kultivovaná analytičnost, dynamika, solidní objem basů (byť proporční k uzavřené ozvučnici velkých, ale ne gigantických rozměrů), věrná tonalita a dotek té firemní laskavé muzikálnosti jsou tu namíchané do lahodného koktejlu, který lze konzumovat dlouhé, dlouhé hodiny. A přestože je nová evoluční verze dražší, za cenu, za níž u té původní byl hluboký lak místo základní matné verze dostanete zřetelně lepší frekvenční odpověď, lepší čitelnost, čistotu, dynamiku a další „objektivní“ vlasntosti, ale hlavně dostanete možnost lépe, více do hloubky a déle poslouchat svou oblíbenou hudbu. A to za to rozhodně stojí. Ať žije evoluce! ”

Complete review at https://www.hifi-voice.com/testy-a-recenze/reprosoustavy-regalove/3108-xavian-quarta-evoluzione

Xavian Ambra Esclusiva / Positive Feedback (USA)


“If you are in the market for a pair of bookshelf speakers that are a treat for your eyes as much as it is for your ears, which are exquisitely crafted and solidly built to last a lifetime, and which, with proper care, can be left to your children to enjoy, after you have left for that great audition room in the sky, you owe it to yourself to give the Xavian Ambra Esclusiva a careful audition. ”

Complete review at https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/xavian-ambra-esclusiva-loudspeakers/

Xavian Stella Esclusiva / hifi.nl (NL)

“Zoals in de inleiding is opgemerkt, zijn de Stella Esclusiva en deze persoon al heel snel vrienden geworden en dat is in de loop van de recensieperiode zo gebleven. Ik ben het systeem meer en meer gaan waarderen, niet vanwege opvallende eigenschappen, maar juist vanwege het ontbreken daarvan. De Stella Esclusiva is een weergever die muziek brengt zoals het hoort. Door zelf bescheiden te blijven en neutraliteit voorop te stellen. Geen allemansvriend, wel een weergever voor een groot publiek dat lang wil kunnen genieten van een fraaie weergave en geen probleem heeft met de uitvoering of de afmeting. Een groep luisteraar wars van het najagen van de laatste modetrend, waarbij toeters en bellen maar al te vaak belangrijker zijn dan het muzikale resultaat.”

Complete review at https://hifi.nl/artikel/29818/Review-Xavian-Stella-Esclusiva-luidsprekers-Italiaanse-stijl-in-Tsjechisch-hout.html

Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / HiFi Knights (PL)


“For various reasons, partly beyond my control, I hosted the Xavian Corallo Esclusivo in my system for several months. It gave me an opportunity to listen to them a lot more than it is possible with most reviewed speakers. It was not the only advantage of the situation, other was being able to pair them with various amplifiers, my own and reviewed ones, as well as with some other components (reviewed in the meantime) that temporarily replaced my own ones. Even after such a long time (for a test, I mean) I didn’t have enough of these small beauties. I would even say that my respect and affection for them grew with each passing week. I have a certain weakness for stand mount speakers, because although the sound is not as complete (in the sense of a scale and limited band extension, mainly in the lower end) as with floorstanders, it is different, but this particular difference seems to appeals to me in a special way. Coherency, natural flow of music, great dynamics, precision, clarity, bass differentiation and tightness rarely observed with bass-reflex designs, the ability to completely disappear from the room, spaciousness and openness of sound are still only some of the numerous advantages of the Corallo Esclusivo. These are fantastic sounding speakers small to medium-size rooms and their make&finish are on par with many much more expensive competitors. What more could you expect from your speakers?!”

Review at http://hifiknights.com/reviews/speakers/xavian-corallo-esclusivo-2/ 

Xavian Stella Esclusiva / Alpha-Audio (NL)

“Hoewel de Xavian niet élk genre even overtuigend neerzet, is het wel een luidspreker die heel veel in zijn mars heeft. Jacques Loussier klinkt erg goed. Heel ritmisch, heel betrokken. Bij Fire and Rain – een opname uit de jaren ’60 – wordt het iets te dun in het middengebied. Dat is te compenseren met een betere match en bekabeling. Maar houdt daar dus wel rekening mee.”

Complete group test at https://www.alpha-audio.nl/review/de-beste-vloerstaander-voor-4000-euro/3/

Xavian Premio Esclusivo / Alpha-Auidio (NL)

“De Xavian Premio Esclusivo is zo’n speaker waar u niet direct aan denkt in de prijsklasse rond 5000 euro. Dan neigt iedereen direct naar de ‘big boys’. Denk aan Bowers, DALI, Monitor Audio, KEF, Dynaudio. En ja: die hebben stuk voor stuk geweldige producten. Maar Xavian dus ook! Want boy: wat is dit een muzikaal doosje zeg! Verfijnd, vloeiend, rustig… in balans. En het laat zich moeiteloos met een ‘betaalbare’ versterker combineren. De Yamaha A-S2200 matcht super met deze Italiaanse Tsjech. Om het af te romen: plaatsen is ook niet lastig. Alpha Approved!”

More at https://www.alpha-audio.nl/review/review-xavian-premio-esclusivo-monitor-speaker