Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / Stereo & Video (CZ)



“I’m going to be exceptionally personal at the beginning of this review. In this price range, in all my years of testing, I can’t think of any other high-end loudspeakers whose sound has appealed to me so much. The Jubilee Virtuosos have the gift of conveying direct contact with the music. The only condition is the selection of a quality recording where previously unheard details stand out, but where a technically weak one does not improve a single note. The continuous complex sound is transparent, extremely balanced. Tonal neutrality reveals the coloration of each instrument or vocal timbre. The broad musical scene surprises with its depth, the localization of individual instruments is unmistakable. Dynamics are a special chapter; the systems play with ease even when the amplifier is supplied with jagged recordings. The bass always retains body, an energy that lends drive to the music. There is no point in cadging the individual bands, the overall expression is organic. It is not out of place to mention that the systems sound nice and quiet, which is certainly not a given.”

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XAVIAN Virtuosa Anniversario / Hi-Fi+
Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / HIGH&Style (SK)