Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / HIGH&Style (SK)


“Absolute control, clarity of the whole and the finest detail, lightning-fast response, speed combined with lightness, total fullness of the transmitted bandwidth. All of the aforementioned attributes were carried through the listening test as a breath of pleasant fresh southern air. That is to say, there is a large group of high-end sounding loudspeakers that will give you the vast majority of them, but few absolutely all of them, and certainly not at this price point at this price point, rather at the high end. Bet of Xavian to use without a doubt the highest quality transducers available today combined with uncompromising design switchgear and the overall concept of the loudspeakers has clearly paid off. Their anniversary model is the best demonstration of their abilities and at the same time proof that they know how to deliver a product that can satisfy even the most demanding listener. And we were no exception. The enchantment was so pronounced that on the spot, still in the listening room, my colleague and I came to the decision that the Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario would complete our reference editorial audio lineup. In a custom luxury finish in piano black lacquer. By the time this issue of High&Style is published, we should have them in full working order and dedicated to playing them. We can’t wait to work with them!!!”

Complete review in PDF.

Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / Stereo & Video (CZ)
Xavian Virtuosa Anniversario / Hi-Fi Voice.com