Xavian Terza Evoluzione / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“Terza Evoluzione seems to be a rather interesting “turning point” in the current production of the proud (and proudly!) Czech brand Xavian – it still holds the world’s excellent standard of luxury workmanship, it is still not afraid to go its own, nowadays unusual way of large corpuses in the style of the golden era of hi-fi and still has deep inside it the warm essence of love for music, thanks to which the Xavian sound easily speaks to ears and souls. The Terza Evoluzione, however, changes the established standards, whether by using Scan-Speak drivers or by tuning “for precision”, for a more balanced and drier informativeness than has hitherto been the norm (even when compared to the Quarta Evoluzione, which took a step in the same direction as the former, albeit a somewhat smaller one). The Terza Evoluzione are beautiful, lively, easy-playing loudspeakers with a very balanced, clean and direct, though not fatiguingly clear sound. So if you want truly authentic, almost purist monitor hi-fi in a luxurious and beautiful package, quite possibly Xavian has the only such model in the world, and the Terza Evoluzione is definitely worth a listen (in a small to medium room)!”

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