Xavian Quarta / SoundStage! Ultra (USA)


„And that is the Xavian Electronics Classic Quarta’s appeal. No significant other will look at a pair of Magico A3s and exclaim, “Oh, those would look great in our living room!” But the Quarta will definitely warrant a second look. The Silver Ebony finish of my review samples was striking, and the speaker’s retro proportions just look cool. But don’t be fooled — the old-school look does not produce an old-school sound. There’s no woolly bass or boxy tonal colorations — just linear sound quality, engineered and voiced by someone who knows his way around computer modeling software and listening tests. More than that, the Classic Quarta is an easy speaker to live with day to day. In the all-important midrange it manages to sound at once supple and fun, and its tweeter might be the best soft dome I’ve heard this side of Dynaudio’s vaunted Esotars, boasting the kind of effortless extension I’m used to hearing only from costly metal domes. And while the Quarta can’t squeeze out the bottommost octave, what bass it does reproduce is potent and well controlled, even at high volumes. These stand-mounted monitors from the Czech Republic look and sound great, and left a heck of a strong impression on me.“


Xavian Quarta / Mono&Stereo (Slovinsko)
Xavian Perla Esclusiva / Stereo Times (USA)