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NEJLEPŠÍ REPROSOUSTAVY ROKU 2021 v kategorii 10-20 000 GBP britského magazínu hi-fi+

„Xavian’s Quarta Evoluzione is a substantial (40kg) 90-litre stand-mount loudspeaker with no ports to grab and a luxurious finish that you don’t want to mark. The drivers in Xavian speakers carry their founder’s brand AudioBarletta; they consist of a 270mm bass driver and a 175mm midrange driver with a hand impregnated ‘non-pressed’ paper cone in a diecast chassis. At the top of the box is a 29mm soft dome tweeter controlled by a copper-clad aluminium voice coil. The crossover uses Mundorf resistors and Jantzen capacitors to give this new Evoluzione version of the Quarta a frequency response of 35Hz to 35kHz. The Quarta has bi-wire terminals on the back of its sealed enclosure and those disinclined to look at the drivers in the front baffle can use the magnetic grilles supplied, even if the quality of veneer and finish warrants as much exposure as it can get. The stand for the Quarta is made of MDF with a matte black finish and discreet branding. It stands 372mm high and has adjustable felt-covered feet for hard floors. In our test, Jason Kennedy thought that, “The midrange is particularly clear, and it allows you to hear right into each recording and pick out what’s going on, what each musician is contributing and, critically, how well they are gelling with other members of the ensemble or band.” Jason was also impressed by its bass response, saying, “the Xavians are happy to produce the stuff in delicious style.” Finally, he felt that “Xavian’s Quarta Evoluzione is something of a rebel speaker in the market today. Its squat, wide shape and infinite baffle loading are rarities in a world of tall slim reflex-loaded designs, yet Barletta and his team have proved that a well-executed design does not need to conform to the latest trends. The Quarta may look old fashioned to some eyes, but when it comes to ears, its sonic abilities are very much of the moment.”

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