Xavian Perla Esclusiva / Hifi Pig (UK)


„I liked the Perlas so much they replaced the previous reference at this kind of price-point and it was an easy decision to make. I do enjoy monitor style speakers and that is what you have here. If you are looking for imaging to die for with bags of details then you need to audition these. They are a little light in the bass department but in all honesty, I didn’t miss it at all with any kind of material I threw at them, and in small to medium size rooms they are absolutely fine and much more bass may well be overkill. Their key characteristics are clarity, even-handedness and preciseness of tone and texture.

Their build quality puts many a speaker to shame and at €1990 plus €693 for the stands they offer good value for money given their sonic attributes. I heartily recommend them.“

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