Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / the ear (UK)


“Here we have competently designed, beautifully crafted, excellently engineered loudspeakers which offer decent value for money in a package elegant enough to grace any home. They are easy to drive, have a decent frequency response, handle most music types well and create a sonic sensation that is such a joy to listen to.

There is more than a hint of ‘professional’ studio monitor quality to the overall balance which is smooth, without undue preference to any part of the frequency spectrum. Performers were not forced into my lap in what is a so-annoying trait of some speakers, but the listener enjoys a well-balanced performance which appears natural and unforced. What is there not to like about them. Best of all, they come in a compact package at an affordable price. I would happily live with these speakers, and that is probably the highest endorsement a reviewer can give.”

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Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / "Best of 2020" the ear (UK)
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