Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / HiFi Knights (PL)


„For various reasons, partly beyond my control, I hosted the Xavian Corallo Esclusivo in my system for several months. It gave me an opportunity to listen to them a lot more than it is possible with most reviewed speakers. It was not the only advantage of the situation, other was being able to pair them with various amplifiers, my own and reviewed ones, as well as with some other components (reviewed in the meantime) that temporarily replaced my own ones. Even after such a long time (for a test, I mean) I didn’t have enough of these small beauties. I would even say that my respect and affection for them grew with each passing week. I have a certain weakness for stand mount speakers, because although the sound is not as complete (in the sense of a scale and limited band extension, mainly in the lower end) as with floorstanders, it is different, but this particular difference seems to appeals to me in a special way. Coherency, natural flow of music, great dynamics, precision, clarity, bass differentiation and tightness rarely observed with bass-reflex designs, the ability to completely disappear from the room, spaciousness and openness of sound are still only some of the numerous advantages of the Corallo Esclusivo. These are fantastic sounding speakers small to medium-size rooms and their make&finish are on par with many much more expensive competitors. What more could you expect from your speakers?!“

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