Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / „Best of 2020″ the ear (UK)

„Xavian is a brand I’d heard at shows but never in my own space, until the Corallo Exclusivo appeared. I was blown away by this bookshelf speaker’s abilities and sheer neutrality but not in a dull, bland way. Here is a transducer capable of creating plenty of foot-tapping quality through superb timing that’s never lacklustre despite that natural balance. The build quality is superb and they look good as well as sounding simply awesome across a wide range of material while possessing more than a hint of professional audio credentials. Best of all, manufacturing in Prague keeps the price down and makes the Corallo Exclusivo one of the audio bargains of the decade.“

Vyhlášení ocenění online (EN)

Xavian Premio Esclusivo / Alpha-Audio (NL)
Xavian Corallo Esclusivo / the ear (UK)