Xavian Concerto / Stereo&Video (CZ)


“Xavian Concerto loudspeakers offer a naturally balanced sound with exemplary tonal neutrality, free from the slightest colouration. They are able to captivate the listener with their musicality. The bass is full and confident, but does not interfere with the crucial midrange, which is drawn out to the smallest detail, enhanced by the extraordinary transparency that also makes the clear highs stand out. In the more intimate recordings, the visualisation of the instruments is perfect (to illustrate – when striking a large cymbal with the whisks, we can hear their individual strings). Superlatives also apply to the more or less three-dimensional representation of the musical scene, which feels, with a slight exaggeration, almost like half of a Dolby Atmos sound vault. The localization of instruments, or rather instrument sections, is precise. We must also praise the fast dynamic response. The ensembles generally play with ease, regardless of whether we listen quietly or loudly. They don’t lose their perspective even over highly articulated recordings, and the clear contours of the sound picture are omnipresent.”

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