Xavian Concerto / Hi-Fi Voice.com (CZ)

“Xavian says that after 25 years, on the occasion of this nice anniversary in the form of the Concerto and indeed the entire new Armonia range, they have launched a model that is “a little different” by their standards and which is meant to herald the beginning of a new style. With the Concerto, the classic rather conservative style of the speakers without “modernity” remains on the outside, the typical high level of workmanship and the ineffective charm of overall dignity remain. Compared to conventional solutions from a similar level, however, you get a really real high sensitivity that lends the speakers a charm of speed, openness, ease of detail and an overall impressive airiness and easy legibility that makes the music feel so fresh and naturally unmechanical, really close to liveliness. The Concerto are also very nicely balanced, letting your electronics and your recordings stand out in their own style – but it’s not strictly analytical, so even the mediocre or worse can actually be enjoyed. And being able to do so even when listening quietly gives you the freedom to listen to whatever and whenever you like. The Xavian Concerto are speakers with a high-end touch for adult long term entertainment.”

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