Xavian Concertino / Stereo&Video (CZ)


“The natural sound abounds with an unprecedented tonal neutrality that contributes to the verification of instruments across musical genres. Bass is brisk, precisely articulated, but in an “accurate” volume that is determined by the dimensions of the soundboard and cone drivers, so that depth is only hinted at. The filigree-drawn midrange follows smoothly, and the highs are clear, smooth and free of any undue accents. The superb display of the recording space does not belie the hilarious two-and-a-half-band construction, the musical scene is virtually three-dimensional. Praise is also due for the fast dynamic response, which caters for musical expression. The Concertino’s can create a personal connection with the music, playing with an ease that makes it obvious that most amplifiers will save their power reserve. In direct comparison with larger three-band Concerto amps, they obviously fall short in the bass and partly in the lower mids, but this registers mainly with deeper tuned instruments or when listening quietly. On the other hand, if we “consume” the music very loudly, we also have to resign ourselves to the physical dimension of the bass. Let’s not forget, however, that the Concertino and Concerto systems are separated by 50 000 Kc, the performance/price ratio is truly unique for the youngest addition to the Armonia series.”

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