Xavian Concertino / High Fidelity (PL)

“SO THESE ARE NOT LOUDSPEAKERS for those looking for details in music, those searching for subtleties, and lovers of clear divisions on the soundstage. We won’t get that. And we won’t get strong, sonorous upper treble and energetic low bass. The extremes of the band are present in the Xavians’ music, but only as a background. Interestingly, the loudspeakers show all this equally well with a powerful transistor amplifier, as well as with a tube amplifier. With the latter, the precision will be slightly lower, while the saturation and density will be even higher.

The Concertino by Robert Barletta are “targeted” loudspeakers. They are focused on what is pleasant and good in music, what catches the heart. They are great at playing any kind of music, presenting what is best in them with equal commitment. They are not boring, because they build a large scale and a huge space, which makes us curious about what is about to happen. They are also really resolving, because despite striving for harmony, they do not eliminate the differences between the releases – the better the recording, the more time devoted to the release, the nicer it will sound.

So it doesn’t matter what amplifier we use, which room we listen in and what kind of music to – the tested loudspeakers will remain completely calm. Therefore, it is a very safe purchase for all those who are tired of constantly moving the loudspeakers around the room and worrying that some new album or its stream will sound bad. With Concertino we will get the best of them.”

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