Xavian Ambra Esclusiva / positive feedback


PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2021 according to writers of Positive Feedback

“They sonically disappear from the room, leaving you with a big and bold sound stage that you would expect to hear from a much large speaker. I was particularly surprised by their prodigious bass capabilities, given their relatively modest sized woofers. However, what really caught my attention was the way the Ambra Esclusiva got its woofer and tweeter to dance together in such near perfect harmony.

This is a pair of bookshelf speakers that are a treat for your eyes as much as it is for your ears. They are exquisitely crafted and solidly built to last a lifetime. With proper care, they can should last long enough to be left to your next generation to enjoy. You will be hard pressed to find another bookshelf speaker that delivers the midrange that is so musical, organic, rich and full as the Ambra Esclusiva.”

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