javor   Maple
povrch2   Cherry
povrch3   Nut
povrch4   Nero
povrch5   Bianco
povrch6   Rosso passione

*price corresponds to one pair

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The XN 250 Evoluzione has proven itself to be a joy, with its amazing musicality, as with all Xavian loudspeakers.

Its natural timbre and tonality render music’s inner soul without sacrificing dynamics or the ever important micro-details that help recreate a natural atmosphere. The XN 250 Evoluzione is hand made using Scan-Speak’s prestigious Revelator tweeter and slit cone mid-woofer, which together form a unified sound reminiscent of the best electrostatic loudspeakers and an unexpectedly powerful bass response for a speaker of this size. In the XN 250 Evoluzione, Xavian employs bitumen damped cabinet walls, first order crossover slopes, for the best soundstage and impulse response. Place the XN 250 Evoluzione on our dedicated Stand Classico or Metallico for the ultimate Xavian experience of classical elegance and entrancing musicality.

Since 2014, XN 250 Evoluzione uses special golden-plated XAVIAN PRAGA binding posts, completely made in Czech republic.

Středobasový Reproduktor

150 mm Scan-Speak Revelator, zpevněná papírová membrána, nízkozkreslující “motor”

Vysokotónový Reproduktor

29 mm Scan-Speak, ručně impregnovaná hedvábná kalota, bez ferrofluidu, nízkozkreslující “motor”


dvoupásmový tlumený bass-reflex, masívní hliníkový nátrubek