“Genesis of a myth”

“Our story”

“Benvenuti in Xavian”

The founder of Xavian, Roberto Barletta, was born in Turin, Northern Italy in a family with roots in Southern Italy. The family comes from the so called area “Magna Grecia”: these were the places where, among others, Archimédes, Empedokles, Pythagoras, Parmenides, Enrico Caruso, and Gesualdo da Venosa lived.
Roberto Barletta grew up with his grandmother in a family of musicians. His childhood was enriched by the sound of violin, guitar and singing. The childhood deeply influenced the soul of Roberto. In 1984 his interest in music and technology brought him to “play” with loudspeakers and reproduction of music in home environment.

In 1989 Roberto shocked the school exam commission with his project of an audio amplifier in A class. The journey began. This was the first great success, convincing him about the direction of his profession. The same year Roberto started working for an Italian company making loudspeaker systems and power amplifiers. This experience lasted five years and in 1994 Roberto decided to move to Prague. After two years of not simple “acclimatization”, Roberto founded Xavian. The name of the company comes from the Greek mythology “Xavian”: being a sacred place to the Muses and regarded as a source of inspiration. The first Xavian workshop was located in the centre of Prague. The second factory was located in Kladno, near Prague. Since 2013 the company is using an old, large mill in Hostivice very close to Prague.

It`s more than 25 years since Roberto personally assembled each speaker, personally designed each crossover and personally supervised the quality controls. These years Xavian has grown, the number of models has increased, its products have become available in several countries worldwide and collected many awards from the different parts of the world. Still today Roberto Barletta personally checks the finishes and overall quality controls.

In 2011 David Hyka joined the Xavian team, one of the most experienced and talented audio engineers in the world.

In 2015 the right time to close the circle has come: the return to the cultural roots and origin. The Epica series was born: Orfeo, its first model, astonished the Hi-Fi world by its sound quality, inner value and finish. Mythical Greek Orpheus (Orfeo in Italian) who was able to enchant animals and souls by the sound of his lyra, is the patron of the highest Xavian masterpiece.

In 2018 Xavian received astonishing reviews for the second generation of important model Perla – the Perla Esclusiva. It was really a global success.

In 2019 we started a new period with our Classic Series – genuine reference monitors, that use the very best technology available to Xavian and keep the classical look.

We would like to share with you the joy we feel in creating our products for the music.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different brands on the Hi-Fi and High End speaker market.


Roberto Barletta

The founder of the company, Roberto Barletta, began to “play” with the home made construction of speakers when he was 14 years old. Since 1988 he has been working on development of loudspeaker systems and analogue amplifiers.

World Unique

XAVIAN is very well known worldwide for the passion and care we put in our cabinets. The artisanal level has no competition and the solid wood we use in our products is one of the best available on the market.

25 years on the market

XAVIAN is a part of Czech economy since 1997 and gained special custom certificate for exports to South Korea – taxes are paid only in Czech republic.

Quality materials

We use only high quality components manufactured in our factory or obtained within EU – Czech republic, Denmark or Italy. We do not rely on any Far East stock components.

Everything under one roof

Development, manufacture and final inspection takes place under one roof, in Hostivice near Prague.

Longstanding experience

Xavian utilizes a quarter century of experience already transforming in tradition you may recognize listening and looking at them.

We are independent

Xavian is a Czech independent, family owned company. Xavian does not have to fullfill financial expectation of funds, banks and other corporations, thus there is no pressure.

Extended Warranty

All our products are coming with 5 years warranty, covering quality of materials, functionality and finish.




XAVIAN Products sold




We do our job with joy, passion and the best way we can.